I work as a mobile Therapist. This means that generally child clients are seen in a school setting, allowing them to access therapy in a setting they are already used to, and meaning they do not need to miss extra time to travel to me, parents also do not need to miss work to bring them to sessions. I can access office space if needed or for adult clients.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a form of counselling that involves the use of creative elements to better access the emotions, thus promoting self healing; this is due to the fact that our emotions are stored in the right side of the brain, which is the side of the brain used when we are creative.

Play therapy can be used to help to alleviate many emotional and behavior problems. The average age of clients is between 3 and 14. However, it can be used at any age, so there is no upper age limit; and adults can greatly benefit from some creativity and ‘play’!

Play Therapy is especially relevant for children as rather than having to explain what is wrong, play therapy allows them to communicate at their own level and pace, without feeling interrogated or threatened, often without even realising they are doing so.


I also offer a more traditional from of counselling, that is talking focused for those adults or teenagers that are not comfortable working creatively, we can still use some of the creative elements as or when it feels right.

SandStory Therapy®

SandStory Therapy® combines the therapeutic use of sand, water and symbols with the expressive elements of storytelling so that as a client you are able to ‘tell your story in the sand’. 

I tend to integrate this into my general play therapy or counselling work, but am able to offer SandStory Therapy® as a stand alone offer if you would prefer.

Kind Hands Massage

I am able to offer Kind Hand massage techniques into therapy sessions if it is felt it would be beneficial; this would always be discussed prior to offering and would not be used without express consent.

I am also able to offer this as a stand alone offering; working with small groups of children we will learn peer on peer massage to build bonds and increase positive feelings within groups.

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